Kateri Northwest Ministry Institute
Spokane is the hub of Kateri Northwest
Ministry Institute and where the idea of
bringing the educational opportunities to the
Native Peoples originated. As the years
passed, the Spokane group has changed and
evolved. Now meeting at the St. Joseph
Family Center near the Gonzaga University
campus, the Kateri Program serves the
Plateau Tribes from the Umatilla, the Nez
Perce, the Yakama, the Spokane, the Coeur
d'Alene, and the Colville Reservations, as
well as the Urban Indian Community.

The Book of Genesis
Breaking Open the Scriptures -- The Sunday Readings
Laudato Si': Praise Be to You, Lord
-- Encyclical by Pope Francis

The Country of the Senomtuse by Andy Joseph

Finding a Way Home by Fr. Patrick Twohy, S.J.

Social Justice and Personal Healing:
Praying for Our Adult Sons and Daughters by John and Therese Boucher